John Mayer

John Clayton Mayer, Born 16th Oct 1977 in Connecticut, took up guitar aged 13 and was gigging 2 years later in local bars and clubs. He attended Berklee School of Music for 2 Semesters aged 19 then left to form a duo.

Since then he has recorded 7 Studio albums and 7 live albums, Sold in excess of 20,000,000 records. Add to that 19 Grammy Nominations and 7 Grammy wins.

His initial recordings presented him as an acoustic based singer songwriter before he morphed in a fully fledged guitar hero in the Clapton/SRV vein. He continues to evolve as a singer and songwriter exploring various genres from country to blues.

In 2011 he suffered from nodules on his vocals and had to rest his voice and as a result concentrated more on developing his guitar playing. Since then he has played with the Dead and company, the final incarnation of the Grateful Dead and their tours. The Grateful dead are legendary for their improvisational performances and this allows Mayer to stretch out as a soloist.

John has had and has a variety of signature guitars with companies such as Fender, Martin and Paul Reed Smith. he also is a prolific user of vintage instruments.

As with all these articles here are a number of Youtube links for you to listen and take in what he offers as it is far better to listen than talk about music

great outro solo
Grammy Winning.
Grammy Winning

Very cool

~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on February 25, 2019.

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