I have had a few questions with regard to what I use in various scenarios.


Let’s start with my teaching set up.

I use a PC running  Scuffham Amps. I have a Steinberg UR22 interface to allow me to plug the guitar into the PC.

The UR22 and the PC both run out to a mixer and a power amp. This allows me to control the backing tracks and the guitar independently.

Scuffham, in case you didn’t follow the link is a software program that simulates some of the most iconic amps available.  It allows me to recreate fairly accurate guitar tones without the need of a real amp in the lesson environment. This is due to space and volume.


On to my live set ups.

Currently I play in 2 basic electric setups. These are Rock based and the other is Disco based.

The rock set up is a Fractal AX8 running into 2 RCF Active Monitors.

The fractal is an amp modelling multi FX unit. It supplies me with every amp and effect I could ever dream of and the ability to switch amps at the tap of a switch. Tonally it reacts just like a real amp and to my ear sounds every bit as good as the real thing.

I plug the AX8 stereo into the 2 Active monitors, and also run it stereo to the desk from the XLR outputs. This allows me to adjust my backline volume without affecting the signal levels going to the desk. This comes in handy on numerous occasions and makes me very engineer friendly.  On the AX8 I also have 2 expressions attached, one to use as a Wah pedal and the other is my utility pedal. I use it to control volume, gain, pitch, mix, all sorts of variables.

Guitar wise I use 2 Suhr GG models. These are tuned to Eb.


Disco band : The Fractal remains, but no backline amplification. Instead I use a personal mixer and Shure In Ear Monitors.  This band has no amplification on stage. I much prefer this set up for 2 reasons, firstly I have less to carry and secondly, as I use IEM’s I control the volume into my ears and leave these gigs without the joy of ear hissing.

This band is tuned to concert pitch and I use a different guitar as a result.  In this instance I use a PRS Custom 24.  It seems to fit tonally better.


I hope that answers the questions with regard to the setups I use.


~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on May 7, 2017.

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