The biggest stumbling block

I have a large number of students coming to me on a regular basis all with various issues they need addressing to help them progress their guitar playing. A large percentage of the time I can fix it or at least begin to fix it with the simplest of questions.

” Do you know every note on every string and fret, by name?”  The answer is usually a bluffed “Yes” followed by a quick drilling to discover the real answer was “No” or at least not as well as I need to.













The above table is what you need.  These are the 12 notes that make up music. I have omitted the enharmonic version i.e Ab instead of G#, this is just to simplify things to begin with.

The exercise.


Pick a string. This will be your string of the day. This is the string you are going to be working on. Don’t worry about the others for this day’s practice.

Set aside 2-3 minutes.  You are going to practice finding specific notes on your string.

Take the above grid, print it out turn them into flash cards.

Select one at random, Now you need to find that note on your string. Some will be easier than others. See how many you can get done in the allotted time. If you can get all 12 done, you are well on the way to knowing where the notes are all located.

Once this is done, this can be extended to select a flashcard, then find that note on all the different strings as quickly as possible.

The Ninja level to this is set a metronome and then play all the selected note in time in all positions on all strings.

By this point you will know your notes.




~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on October 3, 2015.

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