A Question : An Answer

I attended a masterclass recently and one of the audience asked a question of the Master giving the class. I found the question quite telling of an attitude that can prevail through all sorts.
So here is a less sugar coated answer than the person who was asked  gave, as clearly they don’t wish to upset the person who paid to see them.

The question was essentially, They played guitar and they felt they could never attain the levels of the player in question due to their lack of theory knowledge. How could they get round it.

Here’s the truth, you get back what you put in. If you don’t want to study the theory that is fine, but don’t then get upset if you don’t progress to the level you want because you lack that essential building block.
This is not the first time I’ve encountered this. It was happened a number of times in lessons. Students having a desire to attain a higher level of playing, finesse and understanding, but the idea of having to actually have to do some work is off putting and they just settle for where they are. Alas there is no quick fix. There are no “hacks”. You cannot access a set of cheat codes. I remember a top guitarist telling me a long time ago, ” you could take up golf, stand at the first tee, hit the ball and there is a chance you will catch it sweetly and it may well go in the hole. You get a hole in one. You have achieve the ultimate in golf. Now someone hands you a guitar, there is no way you are going to bluff your way through a Joe Pass piece” You have to work at it.

Theory isn’t difficult, Some people will tell you it is, but it’s not, you just need to work at it logically and apply the information. You need a good teacher, someone who can simplify and explain clearly what it is you need to know in a step by step manner.

You need to do the work though, you cannot expect a teacher to impart information by osmosis.
As a wise man once said, ” It’s never crowded on the extra mile”.
The difference between the guy asking the question and the Master giving the class was, the Master had gone the extra mile and continued to.
You want to get good, you have to work at it. The rewards are worth the effort.


~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on June 16, 2015.

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