Buyer beware, It’s free for a reason.

Recently someone I was teaching announced to me that they would no longer be having lessons as their friend played guitar and they were going to give them some lessons cheaper. Fair enough, market forces and all that.
I just thought I’d clarify what it is you get with a professional guitar teacher as opposed to a friend.
Well So far it’s 25 years of professional teaching experience which to my dubious maths equates to about 44,000 + hours of teaching people. In that time I have taught complete beginners, advanced players and all those in between. People with special needs from Autism to hearing issues.
I wouldn’t like to guess how many songs I have played or scales. Suffice to say it’s a huge number and that kind of experience is hard to buy.
So that aside what else is there?
Well I went to music college and studied. That wasn’t free, but I bring the experience and knowledge to the lessons.
I have a shed load of qualifications in both guitar playing and teaching, not just music. They didn’t come for free.
I provide a custom room to teach in, with all the coolest guitar and music software, that wasn’t free either. I have over 60,000 transcriptions stored on my hard drives and 33,000+ mp3’s. They weren’t free.
I have 1000’s of guitar backing tracks for playing over that are utilised in lessons. …Nope not free either.
I have all the grade books and resource materials. Now I don’t know if you know this, but each grade book is £12-15 each and there are 8 grades, Electric, Rock and Acoustic, Classical. You can imagine that this isn’t free either.
I have public liability insurance in case anyone hurts themselves. Well I am pretty sure you know insurance isn’t free.
I have memberships of teaching bodies and unions too. These have resources available to myself and students. Yup, not free either.
I print off sheet music in lessons, neck diagrams, articles etc, Paper and ink, not sure if you’ve bought any ink cartridges lately? I get through loads.
I provide things to sit on. lights, a parking space.
I often during the lessons make setup adjustments and restring guitars for students. I’m not sure if you know how much a restring costs in a shop but it isn’t free. Go check you might be surprised.
I also have thousands of live gig experience including Wembley Arena and much more. Can you even buy that?

I could go on.

So what I’m saying is no I’m not free, but have you really thought what you actually get access to in a lesson? Go off and try and get that for free from your friend. All in all I would say being under the Musicians Union suggested rate, I am pretty damn good value all things considered. Good luck getting all that for nothing.


~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on February 11, 2014.

One Response to “Buyer beware, It’s free for a reason.”

  1. oh how true that is.. nothing is free and us musicians suffer for our art and it is usually out of our pockets

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