So.. what Key am I in?

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The Anatomy of a progression

Let’s take a chord progression and look at what information we need in order to be able to maximise our ability with it.

For the purposes of this I shall pick a progression consisting of the following chords

A ¦ f#m9 ¦ Bmin7¦ Dmaj7¦C#min7¦Bmin7¦C#min7¦D6¦¦

The first thing to ascertain is the key that the progression is in.
Do you know how to work out the key of something? If not the next section is just for you.

Firstly we need to work out which key the chords are from. I am going to take the long and thorough method of working this out. This is just to make sure you understand why we are in the key we are in.

Taking each of the above chords we first need to identify the notes that constitute the chord in question.

A = A C# E

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~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on September 18, 2013.

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