….now go and practice


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…..and go and practice. Often heard words falling from an instructors lips. What exactly does that mean?

Well the dictionary defines practice as;

to perform or do habitually or usually: to practice a strict regimen.
to follow or observe habitually or customarily: to practice one’s religion.
to exercise or pursue as a profession, art, or occupation: to practice law.
to perform or do repeatedly in order to acquire skill or proficiency: to practice the violin.
to train or drill (a person, animal, etc.) in something in order to give proficiency.
Well it is easy to form habits for practice, alas for many these are bad habits at worse and ineffective at best.
So here is a way of looking at practice that I have been using for several decades now that may help you to become more efficient and adept.
As with most things in this life, planning is the…

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~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on September 3, 2013.

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