Some stuff from the recent tour

I’m sure you might be aware that I have recently been off on tour with Alan Merrill and the Arrows. I apparently now being an Arrow.
So what did I learn on this jaunt? Well many many things, so I shall make my way through them.
Hand luggage : Bags need to be a smidge larger in order for me to fit my Line 6 HD500 in. So I spent the German leg playing through 4 of my stomp boxes. These, for the gear head amongst you, were a Vox Satchurator, Boss Chorus, Boss Delay and a MXR phase 90.
The next thing I learnt is having 4 stomp boxes and a bunch of leads in your hand luggage, means when it gets scanned, the security staff get quite “excitable” I enjoyed having my shoes, belt, and trousers removed for further inspection. I imagine x-rayed stomp boxes look rather similar to things that might go boom.
So anyway I played the German shows using these to give me the various sound changes I thought I would require for the different songs we play. It was close and certainly sufficed. It’s been a very long time since I’ve used a Distortion pedal so it took a bit of getting used to the way they behave. I’m still not convinced by them.
On my return to the UK my more trusted rig came out to play. Cornford MK50H head, and my pedals as for Germany minus the Satchurator and with a Marshall Reverb pedal and an ISP Decimator. I cannot speak highly enough of the Decimator. If you have an amp that hums or hisses, GET ONE!!!!

The pedals

So songwise we played a nice variety of rock songs with different tempo’s and feels, from the rocking riffs of I Love Rock n Roll and Shake me, to the 50’s ballad-esque Last night with you, I will pop up some video’s for you to judge the songs.


There were over 20+ songs on the set that was in the region of 90 mins per show.  A couple of the songs we only heard for the first time a week before we started the tour, so I must applaud my fellow band mates that we learnt the songs and got them as tight as we did in the time available.  I will take this opportunity to thank Dave and Kyle for making my job easier, and of course Alan for writing the songs and singing them so great. It is great fun to play with these three and different from the other 5 bands I am in.

Anyone that thinks tours are all fun and games, I’m here to pop that little bubble…

Most of the day is spent in a vehicle travelling from the previous location to the next. Food is often grabbed on the fly at service stations or supermarkets.  You grab it while you can. You check into Hotels which you then leave just as quickly to head to soundcheck.  This is where you carry all your gear into a venue and assemble it. Get as best a sound as you can and then wait about while other bands who are supporting then do the same and more than likely alter your sounds on the desk. ho hum.  You then have them play and wait about in dressing rooms talking about some of the most bizarre things, none of which I can divulge here.  Then you get changed and go and play for 90 mins, work up a sweat. That finished you then get changed back into your other clothes and pack up and carry all your gear back to the vehicles. Of course you aren’t at all tired and it’s not getting on for midnight at all…….   Then you travel back to the hotel and try to get to sleep. Then you do it all again…   So if you think it’s all being ferried around like a god and sex drugs and rock n roll…  er no…  but don’t get me wrong, I do love it.   Well the 90 mins of playing I love.  It’s a compromise I make for that 90 mins that I love and always have done.



So all in all it’s good to be me and I get to do the best job for me, it’s not for everyone, but I’d not change it for anyone.

See you at my next gig 🙂


~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on February 5, 2013.

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  1. hi geoff, I have changed my name from maz jazz to viva cassidy with rgt. new email is my rgt details remain the same apart from this.

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