Rock Guitar Level 8

So with about 90 mins free in my schedules I decided that the Level ( grade 8) for rock guitar should be attempted. I had previously by random selection taken the Level 6 and passed it, which I have written about here.
So first things first, what shall I play? I looked through the suggested tunes and whilst I knew a few of those tunes, I wasn’t the biggest fan of those songs. I feel it is important to like the tunes you play if at all possible. There was some Rush, I’d gigged that track with several bands so I knew that one. Other tunes mentioned were by Vai and Satriani. Frank and Satch Boogie, whilst good tunes they weren’t my favourites. So I decided to change them for Surfin with the Alien and a Dave Lee Roth track that Steve Vai played. I had been on the RGT site and on one of the books it mentioned Iron Maiden’s Phantom of the Opera. Well I’ve known that for decades so that could fit in. One more to go. I looked through the other suggestions and came to the conclusion that the criteria was riffs, lots of riffs, either odd time or heavily syncopated, variations in dynamics, essentially tunes with numerous parts. I put my thinking cap on and plumped for Still of the Night by Whitesnake from the 1987 album. It has 8-9 different riffs plus a seriously fast solo.

So with this in mind I decided to get on with it. Dug out the backing tracks, had a quick warm up and went for it in each case. The videos below are what came out.

They were recorded 1-2 takes over 3 days.

For the geeks out there, I played the lot on a Yamaha 812 w played through POD farm 2 with all the amp packs.

Here is the outcome.

And here is what they said.

Now you can make your own minds up as to what you heard and what you read.

I can tell you the whole experience is painless.

Why did I take it, when I already have numerous guitar qualifications? Well firstly this is a new set of exams so I didn’t have this one and secondly it’s good to demonstrate that I am prepared to take the same challenges as everyone I teach.

Level 8 is the top level for these exams, but don’t think all rock guitar has been mastered. There is still so much more to learn.

~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on October 29, 2012.

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