Rock Performance exams

So the RGT introduced performance exams not so long ago. These can be taken from anywhere in the world via the medium of video.   You learn the appropriate pieces and then record yourself playing tehm over the backing tracks and submit them for assessment.   A number of my students have gone through this experience all with great success, and it came up in a lesson that it was “alright for me” I didn’t have to do it.  They are right I don’t, I went to music college and then gigged for decades, I earned my position. However just to put my money where my mouth was, I picked a level at random. Turned out to be level 6 and gave myself 4 hours to enter the exam.

The tunes in question are Parisienne Walkways, Albatross, You really got me and Crazy Train.  In my allotted 4 hours I had to make sure I was playing the tunes as they were suggested for the exam arrangements. A number of them I had gigged but keys and arrangements had changed.

Below are the 4 entered videos.

I deliberately left a slight fluff into Albatross as I wanted to see how the marking scheme was done.

Here is the report back.

Click to enlarge.

So you’ve watched the videos and seen the report, now you can do it. Maybe not level 6, maybe start from 1 maybe start at 8, I don’t know your level, but have a go.  I am currently doing 8 when I get time to record the videos.

The experience was painless, very fast, very efficient. None of the usual stresses and strains of taking exams.  I thoroughly recommend the experience to you all.

I Passed 🙂

Pop by any of my Facebook or Twitter pages and catch up on the various how to videos for numerous tunes and you too could have a nice certificate.

~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on August 16, 2012.

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