Pentatonics Strike Back Part 5.

So here we have some more training for you although a trip to Dagobah is not necessary, just pick up your guitar and use the force, or something.

So lets have a looky here at 5 shapes of the pentatonic minor…all in A, why? Do not question Master Yoda, I might be green but I do Vodafone adverts and can buy your ass.

As you can see from the diagram we have 5 shapes.  Each one of these has a referencing chord shape to it.  Try to see those shapes inside the scales.  Use the force if you have to.

Now the eagle eyed amongst you might notice that they fit together like a jigsaw puzzle across the neck.  Those that didn’t… have another look 😉  they do they do I hear you cry, Oh My God, it’s like well epic and dat.

So how are you going to learn this stuff? Magic of course, by magic I mean practice. Think of it as magic practice, yes that’s it., magic practice.   So how will this new magic take its form?  Well clearly we use the force and if we remember correctly Luke Skywalker had to do lots of practice in order to please Master Yoda.  Well I’m the same, except a lot taller and far less green.

So to the practice.  Break this scale down into small sections. Take 1 shape of the 5, and then just take 2 strings of that shape and just play the notes,  bend some, hammer on, pull off, slide back and forth, just play and listen.  Ideally in context, so by this I mean take an A minor chord and play over it, or a backing track that is A minor, just something so you can hear the notes in the real world. Once you are happy with that add another string. Play…. and so on until you have all six strings on the go and feel happy that you can remember the shape and the notes.

Now repeat this for the other 4 shapes.  This may take some time. That is fine, you want to do this properly don’t you? Become a proper guitar wielding Jedi?

So now some time later you have returned and are now armed with 5 shapes, lets see if you can join 2 together.

This putting together of 2 shapes, then another 2 and so on until all 5 are joined will allow you to cover the entire neck.  Trying to do the neck all in one is akin to trying to eat an entire buffet in one mouthful, yes you’ll have a go, but ultimately most of it won’t go in and you’ll end up being fat and very sick, unless you are Jabba of course.


So this is your quest for now… unless you want to going back to blasting womp rats.


Be aware this exercise is going to expand and expand so keep your eyes peeled here and subscribe to keep up to date.





~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on February 27, 2012.

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