New Rock Guitar Grades Available to be taught



So the RGT of which I am a long time member have created a series of Rock Guitar Grades.
So lets have a look at what they entail.
Firstly they can be taken in 1 of 2 forms, firstly as a full Grade involving, scales, chord and aural knowledge, plus performance. Alternatively they can just be taken in performance, and these performances can be done in one of 3 ways. Live in an exam, recorded on Video or audio recording.
These last 2 options I like, as I know a lot of students are hesitant to go to an exam centre and to play in public. This is something that they can get round by recording with myself and then submitting. The performance however does have to be of an excellent standard as there is the potential for editing and pasting in this method.

So what are the performance pieces that are recommended?
For Grade 1
Sunshine of your Love
Smoke on the Water
Smells Like Teen Spirit

Grade 2
Day Tripper
Wonderful Tonight
Should I stay or should I go

Grade 3

All Right Now
Pinball wizard

Grade 4

All Along the Watchtower
Sweet Home Alabama
Walk this way

Grade 5

The boys are back in town
Sweet Child Of mine
Under the Bridge
Always with me, Always with you

Grade 6
Parisienne Walkways
Crazy Train
You really got me -Van Halen version

Grade 7

Stairway to heaven
Samba pa ti
The Trooper
Private Investigations
Seek and Destroy

Grade 8
Satch Boogie
Spirit of Radio
Bat Country

The part I think where most will breathe a sigh of relief is that the riffs and melodies are to be played as per the records but the solos are can be done as the student chooses, in keeping with the tune.



What do I think?


Well, as a number of these tunes I teach as a matter of course I think they are excellent choices. I think the performance grade idea means that few people have any excuse to not try a grade now.  Even if they just do the recording and submit that.

The tunes have to be played over the RGT’s backing tracks which is a little bit of a pain as that means purchasing their arrangements, but it’s not the end of the world.

The exam fees are

Preliminary Grade £34.70
Grade 1 £39.70
Grade 2 £44.70
Grade 3 £48.70
Grade 4 £51.70
Grade 5 £54.70
Grade 6 £59.70
Grade 7 £64.70
Grade 8 £72.70

Realistically these are very good exam prices, as I have taken exams in other subjects and the exam fees are much more.  Grade 8 passed at distinction level is worth 75 UCAS points which is about a C grade A level. So if you needed to boost your points for Uni, well this is a good way.

So all in all, I’m impressed and strongly suggest that you get in touch and we start your journey now.



~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on December 17, 2011.

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