Still learning.

So I’ve been busy for a while and haven’t blogged here much.
The reason? I’ve recently been rehearsing and doing a tour with 70’s legend Mr Alan Merrill. For those that can’t quite place the name, Alan was the main man in the 70’s band The Arrows.  They had their own TV show and were repeatedly on Top of the Pops and the likes.

and probably the tune you know the best would this one he wrote


He has also been in Meatloaf’s band

and Rick Derringer’s band


So I have been busy playing with Alan, Dave Glover ex BC Sweet, Slade and various other bands, and my good friend and drummer Kyle Fenton

This has been an educational experience for me, getting to play with someone who has played not only with huge stars but has been a huge star himself in this country, the USA and Japan, to name three. Working with top quality musicians is always fun as you learn so much from just being around them.  Even after 30 years of playing I am still learning and picking up on new things to me.

Playing Alan’s material required a different approach from what I have been doing in recent years, where most people will know me for playing heavy rock with rather ostentatious guitar solos. For this short sharp solo’s and lots of rhythm stuff. More of a Keith Richards/Paul Kossoff vibe as opposed to my usual Gary Moore meets Joe Satriani face melting.  A different kind of tone for the guitar. For the tour I played my 1960 Les Paul and A Cornford Mk50 with just a smidge of reverb added. Possibly the driest I have ever played guitar. I am a fan of chorus and wah to accentuate the mids. The amp was pretty much on the cleaner channel most of the time, except for perhaps 2 songs that were more rock driven.  This change of tone, as I often find, requires a different way of playing, my usual legato leads are out of the window and more rock n roll style is required.

A thoroughly enjoyable experience and one that I learnt from and will continue to learn from.



So here are a couple of live videos from the tour.  Please be kind about my shirt.  I shall be moonlighting as a mobile DJ available for weddings and wakes.

~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on November 8, 2011.

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