My Top Guitar Moments.

Here is a list of my favourite guitar moments. Because this is my list it is 100% correct in my belief. If you have a different list, that is great but it can’t mean my list is wrong as it is MY list. Just to make that perfectly clear. My may not agree with my choices, but that does not make them wrong for MY list.

1 The Loner Live

The pinnacle in emotive soloing.

2 If there was a time.

Just adore that solo.

3 Don’t look down

I think I only learnt 1-2 Alan Murphy solo’s but you can hear them in nearly everything I do.

4 Help The Poor

Just love the phrasing and the note choices.

5 Hot Dog and a Shake

I just love the stop part.

6 Party in Simon’s Pants

So good it needs 2 parts. I could pick every Lukather solo, but this is pretty damn good

7 Love welcome Home

Love the opening note of the solo. Sends shivers up my spine. Again I could have picked any Dann Huff moment

8 It was only yesterday

I love the studio version. Have gigged it a few times.

9 2 Rivers

Learnt to play this when it came out. Love it.

10 It’s a monster

This was the lick that got me string skipping.

11 Superstitious

One of the best constructed solos to my mind. I also auditioned for Kee Marcello’s solo band, got damn close as well.

12 Halfway to Heaven

Another great solo from Kee. Damn I wanted that gig.

13 Blood on Blood

Loved playing this one with the Bon Jovi tribute.

14 Nessun Dorma

Its Jeff Beck… of course it’s brilliant.

15 Cry for you

Andy Timmons is just superb

16 Cryin

One of the few Malmsteen tunes I really like.

17 Headed for a Heartbreak


18 Crying in the Rain

Played this many times and it is a great solo.

19 Black Light Machine

I think Mr Mitchell’s playing on this is great

20 Shapes of Things

My jaw still drops.

~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on March 29, 2011.

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