The final installments

So here is the last track off the EP called Perfect.

In my head a kind of Oasis/Hendrix vibe with the guitar part.

The following are recorded live and never made it to the studio. They are warts and all as live recordings often’s hard to play note perfect if you are jumping about or struggling with various monitor mixes.

First up :

Dream on:

Pop..with a bit of Blink 182 feel.

Hear Me:

Kayleigh meets All Along the Watchtower with a chorus that demonstrates I had purchased at least one Creed Album at that point. A couple of sweep/taps as I was forbidden from doing solo’s in the band… Live I could sneak things in..


Drop D, Zep meets Travis, at least that was what was in my head.

The drum part on the 2nd Verse… love it.. Richie was soooo cool.

Finally …..


A touching ballad with a lot to thank Andy Summers for; Add9 central.


~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on November 12, 2010.

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