An example of exploration.

This is a walk through of exploring new harmonic and melodic territory.
For this example I have picked a lesser used scale in the form of the Prometheus scale.
So firstly I found the scale formula. This is :
1 2 3 #4 6 b7
Initially I set about analysing this scale in the key of C as it can be seen more clearly in that context.
The notes I was presented with are
C D E F# A Bb
I then set about trying to find what chords were available from harmonising the scale. At least what usable chords were there.
The harmonising threw up the following
C E Bb = C7 no 5th
D F# A C = D7
A C E = A min

These seemed the most common and useful chords.

My next move was to move these ideas to a different, more guitaristic key. In this case I chose A as it was convenient and also a number of the open strings fitted the scale well.

In the key of A the notes became A B C# D# F# G.

I was particularly drawn to the A7 no 5th and B7 chords that were present. The main reason being that in the big bad real world of playing I often find 7th chords a tone apart, especially in a Bluesy context.

So for the context of exploration I then recorded a simple 2 chord vamp of these 2 chords A13 no 5th and B7.For the bass part I kept it fairly straight on the root notes and just moved through other notes in the scale to fill it up.

This helps to create a sound of the scale in harmonic form.

With these 2 chords in place and a simple format to explore in, I then set about playing the scale over the top a number of times.  The exploration was to find licks and ideas that would allow me to demonstrate the scale and give me some new ideas for future use.


The above diagram shows the fingerings I used.

With these I found various shapes/patterns/licks that seemed to appeal to my ear. These are by no means the definitive licks or ideas, merely just a few minutes worth of exploration for demonstration purposes.

The video allows you to hear a few ideas that came out.


I wasn’t attempting to write a definitive tune for the scale, what I was trying to find was a practical use for the scale in context that may arise. I think I found some new ideas for myself to try in a familiar context.

This is an approach I like to use to bust out of ruts.

Any questions, comments of a constructive nature are welcomed. Flaming and generally willy waving will be deleted 🙂



~ by Geoff Lea Guitar on November 11, 2010.

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